Custom Fields

Custom fields allows to extend the data that can be collected about the clients. This data will be in addition to the standard form fields that are available when adding/creating a new client.

To start the following are followed:

App > Settings > Clients > Custom Fields

It is possible to create various types of form fields.
  • Simple Text
  • Paragraph (Long Text)
  • Number
  • Drop Down List
  • Check Box
  • Decimal
  • Date

It’s also possible to adjust specific settings for your form field, including:

  • Usage in the standard form: This displays the field in the ‘Add New Client’ form.
  • Display on client profile: This showcases the data on the client profile page.
  • Display on invoices (and estimates): Data is visible on invoices and estimates.
  • Display in the filter panel: The field becomes accessible during client searches and filters.

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