Editing Estimates

After creating an estimate in CRM for business, you may need to make edits. Below, you’ll find instructions on how to do so.

Editing Estimates

(1) Edit Estimate To make edits to an estimate, begin by clicking the “Edit Estimate” button. This action will switch the estimate from viewing mode to editing mode, as depicted in the image above.

(2) Publish Estimate When you initially create an estimate, it starts as a “Draft,” making it inaccessible to the client. After completing your edits, you can publish the estimate. Upon publication, an automatic email is sent to the customer, including the attached estimate. Subsequently, the estimate becomes viewable to the client.

(3) Email Estimate This feature allows you to resend the estimate to the customer. The email sent at this point is identical to the one sent during the initial publication of the estimate.

(4) Download Estimate Use this button to download the estimate in PDF format.

(5) Delete Estimate

(6) Set Estimate Dates This option permits you to specify estimate dates.

(7) Add New Blank Line This action creates a new blank line for pricing or billing purposes.

(8) Add New Time Line If you are billing for specific time (e.g., hours/minutes), utilize this feature.

(9) Product Item To save time, you can establish a database of commonly billed client items. Subsequently, use this button to quickly select an item to include in an estimate.

(10) Terms & Conditions Default terms and conditions can be modified in the dashboard settings section. Additionally, you can adjust them on a per-estimate basis.

(11) Tax Rates Various tax rates are generated through the dashboard settings section. These tax rates can be applied within estimates, and you have the option to apply more than one tax.

(12) Discounts Apply either a fixed or percentage-based discount.

(13) Save Estimate

(14) Estimate Notes You can save notes that are not visible to the client.

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