Estimates Overview

Clients often hesitate to initiate a project when the cost remains uncertain. This uncertainty can be mitigated with the use of cost estimates, which can significantly boost your project opportunities. Estimates provide clients with a clear understanding of the budget required for the desired work.

In the realm of CRM for business, you can generate estimates, a valuable tool for improving lead conversion rates.

To get started, the Estimates page is the ideal entry point:

:: Main Menu > Sales > Estimates


From this page, you can access and perform the following actions:

(1) Initiate a new estimate

(2) Employ a detailed filter panel to sort estimates based on criteria such as dates, categories, and statuses.

(3) Toggle the visibility of Quick Stats panels

(4) Conduct text-based searches of your estimates using the search box.

(5) Remove an estimate

(6) Modify an estimate

(7) Review an estimate

(8) Access additional estimate management options via the quick actions button.

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