Knowledge Base Overview

The knowledge base feature in CRM for Business enables you to create informative articles to assist both your clients and team members. You can generate content such as frequently asked questions, step-by-step instructions, and help documentation.

You can manage knowledge base categories through the settings dashboard and handle articles via the dashboard frontend.

To get started, access the knowledge base page:

:: Main Menu > Knowledge Base


Knowledge Base Overview-kb-3

From this page, your users can:

(1) Search the knowledge base.

(2) Open a support ticket for further assistance.

(3) View articles in a specific category.

Category Listing

Knowledge Base Overview-kb-4

On this page, your users can perform the following actions:

(1) Explore a list of all available articles.

(2) Access a list of all categories.

(3) Search for articles within a category.


For administrators, this page provides the ability to:

(4) Create new articles for this category.

(5) Edit/manage all articles.

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