Knowledge Base Settings

The knowledge base section allows you to manage your knowledge base.

General Settings

From this page, you can set the following information;

  • Order article by
    • This sets the ordering of knowledge base articles. For more direct control, you can set your ordering to Article Title – (Ascending Order). You can then name your articles as follows:
      • 1. Some example title
      • 2. Another example title
      • 3. Yet another example title
Knowledge Base Settings-kb-1

Knowledge Base Categories

From this page, you are able to create, edit and delete knowledge base categories.

Knowledge Base Settings-kb-2

You are also able to do the following:

  • Set the visibility of each category. If you have articles that you only want your team to view, you can create a category and set its visibility to team
  • You can move articles from one category to another. You do this by clicking the edit icon
  • View how many articles are currently in each category
  • When enabled, the client will be able to view all expenses record on their project

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