Lead Web Forms

The lead web forms feature in CRM for business enables the creation of forms for capturing new leads, offering an intuitive form builder for this purpose.

Upon completing the form creation, you can proceed to embed it into your existing website. Each form also includes a direct link for use without the need for embedding.

Form Creation

Begin by crafting your web form using the form builder tool, as demonstrated below:


Use the form builder to create your leads form (as shown below)


Get The Embed Code

After creating your form, you can copy the embed code. This code can be added to any page on your main website. If you are using a content management system (CMS) like WordPress, you can integrate this embed code into a web page. For specific instructions on utilizing the embed code with your CMS, consult the documentation relevant to your website’s CMS.


You have the option to utilize the embed code (1) as depicted in the image above, or alternatively, use the direct link (2).

When prospective customers complete this form, a new lead will be automatically generated within the CRM.

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