Custom Fields

Custom fields offer the capability to expand the data collection for leads within CRM for business. This additional data complements the standard form fields provided during the creation of a new lead.

To initiate this process, navigate to:

App > Settings > Leads > Custom Fields

Here, you can establish various types of form fields, including:

  • Simple Text
  • Paragraph (Long Text)
  • Number
  • Drop Down List
  • Check Box
  • Decimal
  • Date

Furthermore, you can adjust certain settings for your form fields, such as:

  • Use in the standard form: This displays the field in the “Add New Lead” form.
  • Show on project profile: This presents the data on the lead details page.
  • Show in filter panel: This makes the field available for searching and filtering leads.

Form Customization

You have the flexibility to fine-tune how the form fields appear in the “Add New Lead” form. To do so, select the Standard Form menu item (as illustrated below).

This allows you to perform the following actions:

  • Rearrange the form fields (via drag & drop)
  • Specify if the form field is mandatory (required)

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