Leads Settings

From the leads settings page within the CRM for business application, settings can be configured to manage how the system handles leads. The following options are available:

General Settings

Within this section, you can define the information displayed for each lead when viewed in kanban mode. This is exemplified in the image below:


The data presented in the above image can be modified using the settings displayed below:


Lead Stages

Lead stages represent the different phases through which a lead progresses. Upon receiving a new lead, it starts in the “New” stage. As progress is made, the lead can be moved through stages like “Qualified,” “Contacted,” and ultimately “Converted.”

The system mandates a minimum of two stages: “New” and “Converted.” You have the flexibility to create additional stages between these initial and final stages as needed.

The image below illustrates how these stages are employed when working with leads:


The subsequent image displays the Lead Stages settings:


From the aforementioned screen, the following actions can be performed:

  • Add and delete lead stages (Note: Default stages marked with a star icon cannot be deleted)
  • Adjust the color associated with a lead stage
  • Edit a lead stage (change its name)
  • Bulk move leads from one stage to another
  • Rearrange the order of lead stages (via drag & drop)

Lead Sources

Within this section, lead sources (e.g., Google, Yellow Pages, etc.) can be defined. Users will have the option to select these sources from a dropdown list when creating new leads.


From this screen, the following actions can be executed:

  • Add new lead sources
  • Edit existing lead sources
  • Delete lead sources

Note: Any changes or deletions made to lead sources on this page will not affect leads that have already been created.

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