Main Settings

From this settings page, you will be able to set your application’s general settings. Each of the settings is further explained below.


Time Zone

You can set the timezone that will be used throughout the application. If most of your clients are in a particular timezone, you can set to that particular timezone.

It will make it easier for your clients to understand the dates and times that are being displayed in the application, as they will be in their timezone.

If however, your clients are from different countries, it best to set to UTC timezone.

Date Format

This is the date format that will be used throughout the application. It is usually best to set it to a format that is used by most of your clients.

  • m = Month
  • d = Day
  • Y = Year

For example., if most of your clients are from North America and Canada, you can use m-d-Y format.

Date Picker Format

This is the format that is used in the date picker popups that are used in forms. It is best to keep this in a similar format to the one used above.

  • mm = Month
  • dd = Day
  • yyyy = Year

Example Date Picker


Left Menu Position – Default Position

This set how the main, left side menu is displayed by default. Note that users will be able to set their preferences from inside the dashboard.

Stats Panel – Default Position

This sets the default visibility of the Quick Stats (i.e. visible or hidden).

Table Pagination Limits

The number of rows displayed for records (e.g. Project, Invoices, Estimates, etc). This also sets the number of rows that are displayed when you click the Load More button.

To avoid modal windows accidentally, when you click outside them, you can set this value to avoid this.

This is the default language that is used application-wide. Users will be able to change this default language, as per the setting applied in the Allow Users To Change Language setting below.

Allow Users To Change Language

When this setting is enabled, all users will be able to change their application language.

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