Project Settings

The project settings page provides the ability to modify various aspects of project management within the Dashboard. Presented below are the settings along with their explanations.

General Settings

This page provides the ability to configure the following information:

Default Hourly Rate: Automatically applied to new projects, but can be adjusted during project creation or editing.


Team Permissions

From this page, access Task Collaboration settings.

Enabling this option allows all assigned team members to collaborate on project tasks, including:

  • Viewing everyone’s tasks.
  • Editing everyone’s tasks.
  • Commenting, uploading files, creating checklists, etc., on everyone’s tasks.
Editing A Client Account

Client Permissions

These are the default settings dictating client user permissions on a project. These settings can also be adjusted during project creation or editing.


Default settings include:

  • View Tasks: Allows clients to see all tasks on their project.
  • Tasks Participation: Permits clients to comment, attach files, create checklists, etc., on the project.
  • Create Tasks: Enables clients to create new tasks for their project.
  • View Time Sheets: Grants clients access to view all time logged by team members on their project.
  • View Expenses: Allows clients to review all expenses recorded on their project.

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