Recurring Invoices

Recurring invoices offer the convenience of automatically billing your customers on a regular schedule.

To set up recurring invoices in CRM for business, you should begin by creating a standard invoice. This initial invoice serves as both the first invoice your customer will receive and a template for all subsequent automatic invoices.

Once you’ve created the initial invoice, follow these steps to make it recurring:

Recurring Invoices

(1) Click on the recurring invoices icon and select “Recurring Settings.”

(2) & (3) Specify how frequently the invoice should recur. For example, if you want the invoice to repeat every month, select “1” and “month.”

(4) The “cycle” determines the number of times the invoice should recur. To make it recur indefinitely, set the value to “0.”

(5) The “next invoice date” indicates when the application should start generating recurring invoices. For instance, if your invoice recurs every month, this date should be set to one month from the date when you initially created the standard invoice.

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