Time Tracking

The time tracking feature in CRM for Business empowers you and your team to monitor the time invested in your projects efficiently.

This function provides a timer to start and stop as you work on project tasks, directly linked to these tasks. To initiate time tracking, create tasks within your projects.


To start tracking, look for the timer icon when viewing your assigned tasks:

(1) Timer icon: Click to start recording time as you work on an assigned task.

(2) Completed task: Time tracking can’t be initiated.

(3) Running timer: Click the stop icon to halt tracking.


You can also manage timers from within the task window.


Time Sheets

Time sheets document your task-related time expenditures. Access them by clicking your profile avatar and selecting ‘My Time Sheets.’ Admin users can view all user time sheets in ‘App > Other > Time Sheets.’


The image above illustrates:

(1) Time record not invoiced to the customer, deletable.

(2) Time record invoiced to the customer, viewable but not deletable unless the related invoice is deleted.

(3) Filter and grouping options to facilitate searching and summarizing time records.

    Invoicing Time Spent

    Time records can be invoiced directly from the invoice page. For comprehensive instructions, consult the provided link.

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