User Roles

In CRM for Business, user roles define permission levels within the application.

The roles settings page allows the creation, editing, and deletion of roles. Roles grant precise permissions for dashboard resources, enabling control over access, e.g., Projects.

Roles are applicable to team members; client user roles remain predefined and unmodifiable.

After creating a user role, it can be assigned when creating or editing team member profiles.


Permission Levels:

Roles offer four permission levels for a given resource:

  1. None: No resource access, hiding related menu links.
  2. View: Limited to viewing, no changes allowed.
  3. View + Add + Edit: Viewing, editing, and deletion.
  4. View + Add + Edit + Delete: Same as (3), plus deletion rights.

Note: Role permissions apply to assigned or self-created resources by default. For global permissions across all resource instances, select the ‘Global’ option, granting admin-level access.


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